Hamilton Union is a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) congregation, located in Albany Presbytery and the Synod of the Northeast.

In the New Testament, Presbuteros means “elder,” and refers to the custom of choosing leaders and advisors from among the wisest members of the church. We govern ourselves by calling Elders to guide us in our worship of God.

All that is required to be a Presbyterian is to:

  • Confess the Christian faith,
  • Trust in Christ as our forgiving savior,
  • Promise to follow Christ and Christ’s example for living, and
  • Attend church and become involved in its work.

Anyone who can be a Christian can be a Presbyterian. A Presbyterian professes their faith in Jesus Christ, and pledges to be active in the work and worship of the local congregation.

Hamilton Union is governed by the Session, a group of duly elected members (Elders) of the congregation. The Session oversees the day-to-day work of the church and all volunteer and paid staff, including the Pastor (Minister of the Word).

Hamilton Union is a caring and supportive faith community. We strive:

  • to be friendly, welcoming and actively concerned with each another’s well-being;
  • to maintain a sense of humor about ourselves;
  • to be a multi-generational Christian community focused on spiritual growth;
  • to be mindful of mission beyond our congregation;
  • to foster a collaborative environment open to different gifts, strengths, and points of view;
  • to forgive one another as we have been forgiven, and to accept ourselves and each other as imperfect children of God; and
  • to be open to the guidance of the Scriptures and the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

(Based on a statement developed by the Discernment Team in June 2009 and modified by the congregation in 2009 and 2013)