You need not be a member of Hamilton Union to participate in most groups listed. Also, meeting times shown are current meeting times. Groups adjust meeting times depending on the needs and availability of their participants.

Making Connections Adult Bible Study meets once a week, currently Mondays at 3 – 4:30 pm. The group studies Bible readings for the coming Sunday’s worship and is led by members of the congregation.

Peer Group offers support to those who have lost a spouse or partner through death or divorce. Activities are member-driven and include, but are not limited to:

  • fellowship meals at local restaurants, including at least one annual ethnic dinner;
  •   holiday and farmers’ market shopping trips; and
  •   Movies and Munchies.

Tech Team


  • Tech Team operates our Sanctuary audio-visual system and Zoom for worship services and special services. Members can be middle-school age on up, and training is provided.


    Hamilton Union is also active in the Presbytery of Albany. Members serve on several Presbytery committees and the Trustees. One of our members was elected as a delegate to the 2018 General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA.