Upcoming Events

Rae Rau will be participating in this event with CeCe’s team. Please help support her as this event also ties into HUPC’s mission to help the hungry.

Knit for Food Knit-a-thon is a 12-hour knitting marathon to raise funds and awareness for food insecurity. The money we raise will be equally divided between four great organizations: Feeding America, World Central Kitchen, No Kid Hungry, and Meals on Wheels.

How to Participate in Knit-a-thon

Where: Join us, in-person at CeCe’s Wool Knitting Workshop in Guilderland, NY, for a fun day of knitting and community, or attend virtually.

When: March 26th from 10am – 10pm!

Volunteer Opportunities

The Mission Team announces the next volunteer opportunities at the Regional Food Bank, 965 Albany Shaker Road, Albany to sort donated food:

Thu   April 13, 2023 

Thu  May 18, 2023

 Thu  June 22, 2023

First come, first served. NO sandals or open toe shoes! We are working in a warehouse.

If you can spare the time, it’s a great way to be of service..

A good opportunity to serve the community, and the work is not difficult. If you are interested,
please contact Wayne Gannett to sign up.

Our annual 2023 Easter Basket Project will be underway soon.

We will take donations from mid-February thru March 26, 2023. Easter baskets are donated to the New Faith Program for Women at the Capital Area Rescue Mission in Albany, the Family Life Center at Schenectady City Mission, and the Living Resources, Inc. Group Home where Brian Nitsky resides. We also make baskets for the Church Staff as a way of saying thank you!

Donations of cash/checks are welcome and appreciated. Betty Deitz will collect cash/checks (made out to HUPC Presbyterian Women with “Easter Basket Project” written in memo line of check). Baskets will be prepared and delivered the week before Easter. 

THANK YOU for your continued generous support of our endeavor to spread Easter JOY!

Darlene Bauer – Project Coordinator

Calling all Party Planners and History Buffs!

If you like parties, planning parties, and/or are interested in history — specifically, HUPC history— your church needs you! Hamilton Union has a big anniversary coming up in the spring of 2024. Our congregation will be 200 years old — a BIG deal!

Hamilton Union Church was formally established in 1824, although there was an active congregation and a church building on our site as early as 1797.

Believe it or not, it is not too early to start thinking about, and planning for this momentous occasion. The Session is looking to form a group to work with appropriate ministry teams to plan and carry out our celebration. Hamilton Union’s history parallels that of the Town of Guilderland, so it is likely that the Town and the Altamont Enterprise would also be very interested in helping promote this significant milestone.

If you are interested and can help us celebrate this event, please contact Kim in the Church Office or Karen Williamson of the Communications Ministry Team on Session. After all, there is no party without a plan — and party planners!

New Brochure about HUPC Now Available!

The Communications Ministry Team announces a new one-fold brochure about Hamilton Union is now available. It’s written for visitors and those who wish to learn more about our church, giving contact information, what we offer, who we are, information about the Presbyterian Church denomination, and what being a Matthew 25 church means.

A black and white copy is inserted in this bulletin, but a colored copy is available here. Copies will soon be available in the lounge and Narthex of the church, as well as from the church office. It can be emailed to you, but you will need to figure out the best way to print it for your printer (It’s designed to be printed on both sides of a  sheet of paper).

We encourage everyone to check it out, and whenever you are having an event with guests, consider making it available. Many thanks to Kim Matthews, who took the lead on this project and coordinated many comments!

HUPC Brochure

The Purple Pantry

Presbyterian Women has started an ongoing collection of personal care items (feminine care products, toothpaste, facial tissues, and deodorant, shampoo, soap, contact solution, tissues, cotton swabs & razors), for The Purple Pantry, which is the food pantry on the UAlbany Campus. Please leave donations in the box at the top of the stairs in the Christian Education Building or in the box in front of the Christian Education Building, labeled that they are for the Purple Pantry.

The deck box near the outside entrance of the Education Building will be used for ongoing Food Pantry and Purple Pantry donations and will be checked weekly. It will also be used for other items as needed. If there are any questions, please contact Cindy Schultz.

Please find the QR code for HUPC donations pictured below. This is another means of donating to our church. Simply open your camera app on your electronic device as if you were taking a photo of the code. When you do this, a notification with the donation website will appear at the top of your screen.

This space intentionally left blank.  🙂

 Regularly-Scheduled Events



INSTRUCTIONS – Revised 4/8/20

Zoom Meetings:

With the recent upgrades to Zoom security, and in light of the Zoom-bombing that occurred during the Bible study this week, all of our more public Zoom meetings will now require passwords. Many of these meetings are recurring and the same Password is used for these meetings each week. When these meetings expire, there will be new links and new passwords. The links to the meetings will continue to be published, but the passwords will be removed.

First – if you enter by computer, tablet, Kindle, Smartphone, do what you always do – follow the link provided. (On-going meetings have the same link for multiple weeks, and Rev. Janice will alert you when a new link is needed). If you enter by non-smart phone or landline, you will dial in as usual, and then you will need to enter the meeting password.

Join Zoom Meeting: example https://zoom.us/j/162506373, or call phone 1-929-205-6099 Meeting ID: example 162 506 373. NOTE that the meeting ID is the numbers found in the “address”Password: example 123456. Again – call or text if you have an issue. Also, there is no local number to call for Zoom meeting, so yes, long distance charges do apply.

Second – if you enter the meeting before the moderator does, you will find yourself in a waiting room. Just hang out and wait. This is the second level of security, as Rev. Janice will then “open the door” and “let you in” to the meeting, and then close it again. What this means is that we will be in need of a second person to be a co-moderator, especially during worship, as it is difficult to do both at the same time. If you would like to volunteer, let me know. Remember, there is always grace! Zoom meetings all have the same instructions except that the Links, Meeting Identification Numbers (ID’s) and Passwords will change. We will note the data that changes in the corresponding event above.

Standard instructions follow:

-From your computer, tablet or smartphone, for visual and audio,
Click on the link to join the Zoom meeting: example https://zoom.us/j/123456789 Input the Meeting ID: example 123 456 789Input the password: example 123456


– From your telephone or cell phone, for audio only, dial by your location:

1-929-205-6099 US (New York)
Input the Meeting ID: example 123 456 789
Input the password: example 123456
Please Note: Depending on your phone plan, long-distance charges may apply.

To Leave a Telephone Message at the HUPC Office:

  1. Dial HUPC at 518-456-5410
  2. To skip the opening message, you may dial an extension at any time:
    10 – Office, or 11 – Rev. Kyle
    (Or you can listen to the entire message and input the extension at the end.)
  3. When you reach the individual mailbox, press * to skip the message, and wait 5 seconds for the beep.
    (Or you can listen to the entire message and leave your message after the beep at the end.)
  4. Leave your message.
  5. Hang up.
    (Or you can press * to receive verification [after a few seconds] that your message has been sent.)

For More Information

Please check any of the following:

The Good News

Our website hamiltonunionpresbyterianchurch.org



Facebook at Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church – HUPC

Call the HUPC office at 518-456-5410 to leave a message.

Pastor:  RevKyle@HamiltonUnionPresbyterianChurch.org

Administrative Assistant:  hupc@HamiltonUnionPresbyterianChurch.org