Monday Mailing 40

December 21, 2020

Welcome to the Monday Mailing #40 –

Peace in this Season

I have been a part of a writing group on Facebook for a little over two months now. Every two weeks we get another letter of the alphabet and some writing prompts, and we are encouraged to write and share with one another. We do not correct grammar, punctuation or spelling, instead we encourage one other in our writing explorations. It has proved to be an extremely helpful outlet for me. . .and I am once again finding my writer’s voice. That is nice as it has been gone for some time. It has been an engaging discipline, and a wonderful gift.

The December 1st prompt asked us about what brings peace or robs you of peace in this season. I share my response with you now.


Peace in this season occurs when my work is done.
When the nearly a dozen bulletins are completed. . .
when the parts for the services have all been handed out. . . when the candles are ready. . .
when my parts (and the parts of everyone else doing something in the services in December) are ready. . . and when I look out over the sanctuary, filled with people (where are they the rest of the year, I wonder?) each with a candle lit, and joining in singing. . .Silent Night. . .

Peace begins to come.

True peace is when I get home the evening of the 24th, pop off my “big-girl” shoes, have a cup of hot cocoa (with, as the Nephew says, “Auntie Water” in it — Kahlua, usually, or peppermint schnapps), and then get under the covers and the electric blanket for a four-cat slumber well into the next day.

This year will be different, though.
There still are dozens of bulletins, as now that we are worshiping via Zoom, I prepare a full script for the liturgist so that if there are technical difficulties those leading have everyone’s parts.
The only candles are the ones for me to use while I am alone in the sanctuary.
The parts, as I said, are being created in a detailed fashion. . .and. . .
There will be no one in the Sanctuary that evening. No mass of lit candles, no communal singing. The congregation will be on the screen before me, with whatever candlelight they choose, and it will be different. . .so very different.

But Peace will come. It will look different, but it will come, because we will still be celebrating the Light of the World come into our lives, and hearts, and world. . .and we WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. . . .and the world, by God, WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. And Peace will begin. I rest in that.

Peace to you this most holy week, my siblings in Christ!

Pastor Janice