Monday Mailing 39

December 14, 2020

Monday Mailing #39

Christmas Shopping by Ann Weems

I had a dream that the Holy Family
came down the escalators at Field’s.
Angels in red raiment flew around
sprinkling us with Stardust,
singing alleluias and playing their bugles,
and all the shoppers knelt in adoration and praise.
The Wise Men, working in gift wrap,
began receiving our hearts
and wrapped them in rainbow papers
and we presented them to the Christ Child.
Then they were gone
and we returned to our shopping.
But I heard no more complaining about the long lines
and I saw no more rushing about.
We all smiled and greeted one another with
We all remembered we had given away our hearts.
It was the best Christmas shopping I’d ever done!


Maybe this year, we will begin to see the Nativity when we bundle up and go for a walk in our neighborhood. Maybe the blessed event unfolds when we come, like the shepherds, to our computers and tablets to Zoom our worship of God. Maybe we will see the gifts of the Kings in the small acts of kindnesses offered by family and friends. And maybe, just maybe we will catch a glimpse of the Holy Family in the faces of those in greatest need who are helped by our actions.

We’re over half way there. . .peace, peace, peace. . .


Pastor Janice