Monday Mailing 30

October 13, 2020

Welcome to the Monday Mailing #30 

Tuesday Edition: Hybrid Worship

The time has come. . .to begin worshiping together in the Sanctuary. Precautions have been taken, and will be detailed in this Mailing. I look forward to the opportunity of having people join me (at a safe distance) in the Sanctuary beginning this Sunday (October 18). It has been good for me to be back in the Sanctuary, as you could probably tell these last two Sundays of my quarantining. Here is what you need to know about worshiping in person.

First, you must register to come to in-person worship. Please email your name  and # planning to attend to:  If you do not have email, you may call and leave a message on Pastor Janice’s extension (#11), but we would prefer email. If you do not register ahead and just show up, we will be happy to seat you, space allowing, after those who registered are seated. We can accommodate 25 people.

Second, plan to arrive a few minutes early and line your party up on the X marks on the sidewalk and ramp. You may wait in your car if it is cold or rainy.

Third, remember to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth. If you forget one, we do have disposable ones available for your use. Thank you for keeping your mask on during the worship.

Fourth, sign in, indicating that you know yourself and party to be healthy, to have not come in contact with someone who is Covid-19 positive, and that you do not have any symptoms. You will be asked to do this every week, as it is a part of our contact tracing plan.

Fifth, use the hand-sanitizer provided (or your own). We have both gel and alcohol-based spray available.

Sixth, follow the seating directions of the Usher. 

And then. . . .enjoy worship. Feel free to talk with one another in the sanctuary before worship, mindful of safe distancing. We will invite you all to send your joys and concerns to: as we will not have the traveling microphone available for worship.

Hybrid-worship means that we will continue to be offering worship via Zoom on Sunday mornings as we also gather together. Most of the accommodations will be for those who worship in person – all because of Covid-19. 

The Session has agreed that we will continue with Hybrid Worship until there is a change in our community-wide Covid-19 numbers. 

Even as this is being written, the Worship ministry is looking ahead to Advent and Christmas. We all already know that this holiday season will be unlike any we have  known. Many families will not be gathering together for festivities. Decorations may or may not come out – depending on the family. Even our most special times of worship will look different. Short of extinguishing the flame of Covid-19, what can your church family do to make the season special? I would encourage you to think of the meaningful things you might once have experienced, and then revise them for the time of Covid-19. Offer your ideas to the worship ministry, and to me. . .and then be prepared for the mysteries of the season to be revealed to you.

There are many times and places we can and do worship Almighty God. . .

what else might we do to enrich our worship life in these times? 


Peace to you. . .

Pastor Janice