Monday Mailing 19

July 27, 2020

Welcome to the Monday Mailing #19 –   The “I Got Nothing” Edition


The nineteenth Monday in a row that I have sat down at the computer to write to you, the dear members and friends on HUPC.

The nineteenth Monday in a row where I have wondered what to say. (That is not entirely true, as there have been some weeks where there has been such inspiration that I’ve written these Monday Mailings ahead of time. . . but when push comes to shove, most Mondays find me sitting at my dining room table, with the prayer of preachers – just give me ONE thought)

This nineteenth of these Monday Mailing Epistles finds us in week 20 of life turned upside down, and I Got Nothing for you.

And if I’ve got nothing, I cannot help to believe that you may have little left in your mental, physical and spiritual gas tanks, as well. Am I right?

That is OKAY. We are in this for the long haul, and we need to recognize and accept that, and adapt as we can.

So, with that in mind, I came upon this graphic this morning. . .and except with replacing “playing with a dog” with “playing with a cat” – it makes good sense, and is something that I will be attending to in the coming weeks. There are certainly things on the list that are difficult to do if you are maintaining personal distance during these times, but there are options there, and a little intentionality in the midst of the chaos will help.

 Happiness Chemicals and how to hack them


Peace, and love to you all —

Pastor Janice