Monday Mailing 12

June 8, 2020

Welcome to the Monday Mailing #12 –   Out of an Abundance of Love

 It was out of an abundance of love that three months ago we stopped meeting together – in person – for the life and ministry of the church. Because we care for one another, and indeed even those we do not know, we decided to completely change the way we do things. . .the way we worship and study, the ways we interact with the world, the ways we share our faith.

 We stayed home – safe at home – out of love. We put masks on, again, out of love. We gave ourselves and others space when we went out, and picking up dinner, or having it delivered, became a norm. All out of love.

 We put off medical appointments and procedures, vacations and events, all because we realized that not only did we need to love and care for the other, but we needed to love and care for ourselves. 

 And now, we the church, are in Phase Two of the New York reopening plan. . .and just what is the church to do?

 Whatever we do, must be done in love.

 There is so much we miss. There is so much we will continue to miss even after we have opened our doors and returned to worship as “usual.” But speaking personally, my heart would break if I knew that someone got sick or, God forbid, died, from exposure to Covid-19 in our space. 

 This week, your Session will begin to formulate a plan for reopening the building to the community. The plan will be a fluid document and widely communicated to members and friends. “Fluid” in that there are things which may change in it. . . depending on so many different factors. The church will continue to be fluid and flexible as we begin to staff the office on more regular hours, meet in person for certain things, and continue to be the Body of Christ with and for one another, and for the world.

 The church has never closed. The church has been alive, and continues to be alive. The church is not the building (thanks to Avery and Marsh that tune will be in your head all day!), the church is the people. Each morning we arise and say, “Good morning, God,” we are the church. Each time we buy extra food destined for the Food Pantry, we are the church. Every time we break bread with one another over Zoom, we are the church. The church is a living, breathing, loving organism. . . bound together in Christ. . .no matter the distance. And whatever else we do, we must love.

 Be the love of Christ in the world. . .be that love now. . .show that love always!


Peace be with you!

 Pastor Janice