Message to the Congregation about the Second Mission Study Meeting Thursday, October 8 at 7:15 PM

October 5, 2020

A reminder: The second of three Zoom meetings to discuss goals identified in our Mission Study is coming up this Thursday, October 8 at 7:15 PM. Pastor Janice will “open the doors” for the meeting at 7 pm. This meeting will focus on Membership/Evangelism, Christian Ed and Leadership. As promised, here are some discussion questions for you to think about to inform our discussion. There is no right or wrong answer to these; they are strictly to get the discussion started.



 As disciples of Jesus Christ, are we called to Evangelism? What is meant by Evangelism?

For example, do you have an “elevator speech” about why you are a Christian? What do you say when someone comments on your HUPC coffee mug?

 Are we comfortable evangelizing? If not, how can we become more comfortable? Why is it important for us to be comfortable with our faith as individuals? 

 What kinds of things might we do to promote membership in the Church?

 Are we a friendly and welcoming Church? What do you think our visitors experience? 

 Do we need a Committee for Membership/Evangelism? If so, what might the charge of the Committee be? How should the congregation as a whole be involved in the work of Membership/Evangelism? 


Christian Education:

 What is your perception of the Christian Education program at HUPC?

 Should we be putting more focus on encouraging/inviting young families into the life of Church? What is required for us to do that? What programming is needed for families with children? 

 What became of the Christian Education survey that was done a year or so ago? 

 What are the priorities of the Christian Education Committee? 



 As our membership has gotten smaller and older, it is difficult to find people willing and/or able to accept Committee assignments or leadership roles in the Church. How can we address this? 

 How can we make leadership or church involvement beyond Sunday Worship a spiritually rewarding experience? 




We hope you will be able to join us this Sunday, but if you cannot, you may send written comments to any Session member via email or mail. Please keep your response to one page or less, and all letters must be signed.

 Thank you in advance for your thoughts and input!

 Here’s the Zoom info: 

 Topic: Mission Study:  Membership/Evangelism and Christian Ed; Leadership

Time: Oct 8, 2020 07:00 PM  

Meeting ID: 824 0725 8963