On May 2, 2021, Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church will welcome Reverend Kyle Delhagen, our new pastor, to our (virtual) pulpit to lead our congregation in worship. As previously announced by the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC), Reverend Delhagen comes to us from Western Presbyterian Church in Palmyra, New York, where he has been Pastor for the past four and a half years.  He brings a friendly, easy-going nature matched with a sound theological background, strong preaching style and a passion for social justice.  The PNC especially appreciates his commitment to mission (“anything that takes us outside the doors of the church”), his energy and enthusiasm, his thoughtful and relevant sermons and his creative approach to using technology to enhance the worship experience.  Reverend Delhagen equally is excited to be coming to Hamilton Union and is eager to get to know us and join in our journey of faith, mission and stewardship.


Many congregation members took advantage of the opportunity to meet Reverend Delhagen and his wife, Elena, back in February when we hosted him and his family for a candidating weekend, featuring an outdoor “meet and greet” under a tent in our parking lot.  We plan to have additional (socially-distanced) opportunities for people to meet and get to know Reverend Delhagen, and them, over the coming months. He plans to relocate to the area, with his family, at the end of the current school year (to allow his 15-year old daughter to finish out the year at her current school).  In the interim, Reverend Delhagen will be assuming all pastoral duties and responsibilities and will lead weekly worship services, still via Zoom for now.  The Session is continuing to discuss plans to reopen the sanctuary for Sunday worship.  They will be working on that with Reverend Delhagen, following all current CDC and State protocols and requirements. We all hope to be able to gather together for worship in person soon, with Zoom continuing as a worship option moving forward.


The Pastor Transition Team (formerly, the Pastor Nominating Committee)