Our Core Values

    We long…
    • To be caring about our church community.
    • to be friendly with a spontaneous welcoming and acceptance.
    • to be actively concerned with one another’s well-being.
    • understand Christian community as a long term commitment to the mission of Jesus Christ and to one another.
  • To be people who accept ourselves and each other as who we are, imperfect children of God, who are open with our struggles and joys.
  • because we ourselves know the Unconditional Love of Jesus Christ.
  • we seek to forgive one another as we have been forgiven.

  • To be a multi-generational community focused on spiritual growth for all ages.
      To foster a collaborative environment...
    • open to different gifts, different strengths, different points of view.
    • Working together without jealousy.
      To follow strong spiritual leadership
    • willing to weather the difficulties of serving Christ in a broken world.
      To be mindful of mission beyond the congregation.
    • to be personally as well as financially involved.
      To be open to what the Holy Spirit is doing.
    • Even when we are pushed beyond what is familiar and comfortable
    • Admitting that we are not in control, God is.
    We seek to avoid being…
  • Focused on survival
  • Stuffy, phony or hypocritical
  • Exclusive
  • Driven by issues instead of by the leading of the holy Spirit and the guidance of the Scriptures.
  • Anxious
  • Inclined to marginalize people with whom we disagree
  • Forming cliques
  • Without a sense of humor about ourselves
  • Stagnant
Developed by Discernment Team, June, 2009;
modified by the congregation 2009, 2013.